Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week Two is a Winner!

For this re-do I used a sheet that I found when I was cleaning out closets:
I used my measurements and made a pattern for myself, I couldn't find a pattern that I really liked....I really think that companies think if you are plus-sized, you like dressing frumpy. Here's the outcome:
Total cost for this week: FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My next project was caused by our darling dog daughter, Josie. Josie sleeps with Miss K, Josie has apparently developed an affinity for cotton. Josie chewed numerous holes in the comforter on Miss K's bed, not only that, she would pull the filling out of it. I love Miss K's comforter and can't bear to just throw it out, so I am up-cycling it in the name of 52 Re-Do:

I'm not sure what it's going to become but I have a lot of fabric, $5 and a week to decide =]

Until then ya'll!

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