Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Sweet "Tweet" for Week Three

I loved my daughter's comforter, so when our doggy daughter chewed it up, I knew it would be perfect for a 52 Re-Do project....I just had no idea how cute the finished products would be! Here's the comforter:

It got a new life as a pillow:

More than anything it was a lot of cutting and separating the two fabrics from the cotton batting. To attach the birds and designs, I cut them out and used iron-on adhesive. Then, I stitched around each one--to ensure that they would stay through many nights of snuggling.

I had tons of fabric left after making the pillow, so....I made the cutest stinkin' dress ever! Modeled by the most adorable Miss K =]

Total cost for the pillow: $4.89 for the bag of fiberfill
Total cost for the dress: FREE!!!!!!
I had all the buttons and the iron-on laying around :)

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