Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a Few Things =]

Ok, so I am watching Project Runway (act surprised) and Tim Gunn just said camel-toe. Yeah, I shit myself. Totally. I mean this demure gentleman in a suit that costs more than three months of car payments for me says camel-toe. Let me put it in context--he said "Jackie-O would not have camel-toe". Seriously.  While I am on a Project Runway ditty, that uber-bitch Gretchen should get over herself and stop running her yap. I mean she is talented (duh, she's on the show) but dang, does she ever have anything nice to say? Why not take a cue from April--she's super talented and nice....

Anyway, back to what I popped in for: I've been working on the re-do. I completely deconstructed the shirt, me and my seam ripper were besties for about 20 minutes. Miss K freaked out (crying, screaming, jumping up and down) that I "RUINED ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT"! I promised her that I would make her an awesome princess dress--I don't know how awesome it really is but she loves it. I'm not completely finished and I still have some money left for this week :)


After :)

By the way, sewing that fabric....nightmare. I think I am really flexing my sewing muscles (uh-huh, yeah, I said that). Plus, I am having a ridiculously good time doing this!

Until later ya'll <3

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