Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ta-Da! and What's In Store for Week Two =]

Week One Revealed:

Week Two is brought to you courtesy of purging my closet--I found a full size white sheet with nice black faux embroidery. I already have the pattern ready for it and will be starting tonight! Since I already had this, I have $5 for embellishments if I want.

Here's what I made for Miss K this week:

I am totally in love with the fairy-tale pattern on that dress!

I love the butterfly patchwork, especially since I caught it on sale at for $3.49/yard =]

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week One........

What an interesting week I've had! Sometime Saturday Baby A, busy little 15 month old he is, got his mitts on some Vicks Vapor Rub....and put it in the oven unbeknownst to me. A few facts about Vicks:

1. Intially, it smells good when it is heating up in a 350 degree oven. Silly me, I thought it was the stuffing I was cooking on the stove-top to go with the chicken....

2. Expect a lot of smoke. Copious amounts even.


4. When burned in an oven, the smell does not go away even with the use of oven cleaner, bleach and vinegar.

Before you go thinking I am a horrible, unfit Mother there are a few things you should know. Baby A is unstoppable and sneaky, not sneaky like most kids, sneaky like covert ops--this kid can hide in plain view and not be found. Some days, I think B.A is part chameleon and part Russian spy. Needless to say, the house is now equipped with every baby-proofing security item you can imagine.

Thanks to the terrible odor in the house, we spent a ton of time outdoors. Upside, we visited a lot of playgrounds and Bernheim Forest and the kids slept well! I figured out how to get rid of the a new oven. Home Depot offers free delivery with orders over $249 online and the delivery guys were super nice, they even anchored the range to the wall for me.

Sewing took a back burner (no pun intended). My dress is finished however, I have to find someone other than Miss K to take the pictures for me :)

Here's some photos of the changes I made to the dress:

I started by going sleeveless....

Then, I attacked the neckline!

And cut off some length, some being six inches.

I gathered and tied the straps.

I did manage to make a super cute patchwork top and absolutely stinking adorable yoke-neck dress for Miss K. Pics of everything tomorrow PLUS what week two's item is going to be!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week One--Let the Game Begin

Two hours searching second hand stores with two little kids...there are many words that come to mind. Miss K found a pair of high heels that she proceeded to wear for the entire duration of the mission. Baby A pulled numerous garments from hangers (um, sorry about all those broken hangers) and piled them on himself until he resembled Mount Clothesmore. Just as I was beginning to feel I wasn't going to have any luck today, because not just anything would do for the first "transformation", I came across this beauty:
Not only does it have a matching belt (and by matching I mean the EXACT same material), it has elastic in the know, because there is nothing more attractive than a poochey top and lots of gathers around a plus-sized middle. It is a pretty basic dress design, lending itself well to this project. You bet your buttons I can do this!

Who's That Girl?

I'm Emily. Mother to the two coolest, craziest and funniest kids you will ever meet (of course that's my incredibly biased opinion). I stay at home with them and work hard to provide the kidlets a childhood full of wonderful memories.
I have always been a creative person, I mean with an art teacher for a Mom how could you not be? As a kid, she took us on lots of adventures--always teaching us that beauty is everywhere. Several years ago, my Mom found some dresses that had been made by my Granny for Mom and her sister. They were well-made, lovely dresses that had withstood many years of wear and even more of storage. It was those dresses that made me start to sew. It was pretty rocky at first, okay, really rocky...I had no idea what I was doing. None. Nada. Horrible is a word that comes to mind. Thankfully, I know when I need help, so a few lessons from my Mom combined with hours of Internet searching and I started sewing dresses my daughter could actually wear.

That's where it started....and this....well, this my friends, is just the beginning!