Sunday, October 17, 2010

Needed: More time in the day!

This week slipped through the cracks...cracks that were stuffed with paperwork, activities for the kids and super weather. That and a serious lack of inspiration. I reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy wanted to do another shirt dress but how much fun is that for anyone? I've went digging today and found some amazing items that are being cleaned as we speak to make a mixed media collage. I'm pretty excited about it actually, I found a section of a stained glass window (it's just clear glass pieces) and some beautiful wood detailing that was on a cabinet door. There are ideas in my head, hopefully they pan out and if not, I've got a child sized metal garden chair to re-do. This week, I've got to do a makeup and the this week's re-do!

Here's to two re-do projects in one week. Boo!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Add A New Favorite to My List!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jessica for sending me this link: ! To Dana, the wonderful woman behind the blog, I think I love you (well, your amazing ideas for sure)! I have a feeling there are going to be several shirt dresses (and top/skirt sets) in Miss K's closet for this fall/winter season :)

I took inspiration from Dana's ideas and made my own shirt dress. I loved the idea of a cuffed sleeve--I wasn't so fond of the gathered neckline. True to 52 Re-Do, I bought a man's dress shirt at Goodwill for $2.50...and that was the total cost for the week. I completely forgot to take a before picture, the original shirt was a man's size 18 1/2. I used a summer dress for the pattern. When it was finished, we dressed it up with a "fancy" (according to K) pin.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Check: Week Six

I wasn't sure where this chair was going and my original plan started falling apart...I did learn how to print on fabric (and it only took a dozen times jamming fabric in the printer to get it right)--something I am super excited to put to good use on other projects! I originally had printed the Dr. Suess quote to make a seat cover, then realized I didn't have all the supplies to do it and since this is a $5 a week project, didn't have the funds to get what I didn't have. So....the fabric print ended up on the back :)

I had some really pretty scrapbooking paper sitting in the craft cabinet so I put it to use. I just cut it to size for the back and glued it down, the seat is an entire sheet with polka-dots painted around it. The seat and the back got a clear coat and will probably get a few more for good measure. I don't think I am done and that seat may get covered with fabric yet ;) Since, technically this re-do is complete, I think I am free to spend more on it lol