Sunday, October 17, 2010

Needed: More time in the day!

This week slipped through the cracks...cracks that were stuffed with paperwork, activities for the kids and super weather. That and a serious lack of inspiration. I reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy wanted to do another shirt dress but how much fun is that for anyone? I've went digging today and found some amazing items that are being cleaned as we speak to make a mixed media collage. I'm pretty excited about it actually, I found a section of a stained glass window (it's just clear glass pieces) and some beautiful wood detailing that was on a cabinet door. There are ideas in my head, hopefully they pan out and if not, I've got a child sized metal garden chair to re-do. This week, I've got to do a makeup and the this week's re-do!

Here's to two re-do projects in one week. Boo!

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