Saturday, October 2, 2010

Check: Week Six

I wasn't sure where this chair was going and my original plan started falling apart...I did learn how to print on fabric (and it only took a dozen times jamming fabric in the printer to get it right)--something I am super excited to put to good use on other projects! I originally had printed the Dr. Suess quote to make a seat cover, then realized I didn't have all the supplies to do it and since this is a $5 a week project, didn't have the funds to get what I didn't have. So....the fabric print ended up on the back :)

I had some really pretty scrapbooking paper sitting in the craft cabinet so I put it to use. I just cut it to size for the back and glued it down, the seat is an entire sheet with polka-dots painted around it. The seat and the back got a clear coat and will probably get a few more for good measure. I don't think I am done and that seat may get covered with fabric yet ;) Since, technically this re-do is complete, I think I am free to spend more on it lol

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